Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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Keep your Gun in top condition with this Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


Treat yourself to this must have accessory


Watch your confidence grow when you have the right equipment



We all know that regularly cleaning your gun will improve its longevity.

So maintaining and keeping your gun clean is imperative for your gun to operate correctly and safely.

The more often that you clean your gun, the less likely it will become damaged and the more accurately that it will perform.

Taking proper care of it will also maintain its value so it is important to clean your gun as often as possible, up to every time you use it.

When taking your gun out of long term storage accumulated moisture and dirt, or solidified grease and oil, can prevent the gun from operating properly.

Having a handy kit of necessary supplies at hand means cleaning your gun doesn’t take much time at all.


With all the target practice and field use you’ll be putting your guns through, it goes without saying, you’ll be cleaning it often to ensure it can function and perform at a high level. Fouling in an action or barrel can not only negatively affect accuracy, but it can also become dangerous. Excessive lead fouling in the chamber and rifling can lead to increased pressures and eventually compromise the strength of the gun. Certain primers and powders, if left unchecked can corrode the metals in the firearm as well.

Using the proper brushes will not only clean the gun up, but will protect against damage to the firearm. Using improperly sized or too strong of solvents or the wrong brushes can lead to damage of the gun’s finish, scratches in the smooth rifling or gauges in the other materials of the gun.

A cleaning kit that utilizes the proper sized tips, patches and cleaning agents will ensure your continued accuracy and success in the field and on the workbench, where you service your rifle. The most important variable in the gun maintenance arena is to ensure you have the proper equipment-a gun cleaning kit made for the caliber and type of firearm you have is the best foundation for success.
This Universal Cleaning Kit is perfect for the shooter who likes to have all of their cleaning kit in one neat package.
Two cleaning rods, suited to large and small calibre rifles, pistols and shotguns.
Bronze brushes in all popular calibres from .17 up to 12 gauge.
Wool mops from .17 calibre up to 12 gauge.
Cleaning patches and patch loops.
All of these items are packaged together in a handy carry case.

The carry box includes:

3pc. Rifle and 3pc. Shotgun Cleaning Rods
Rod Handle
Accessory Adapter
Brass Shotgun Adapter
Brass Pistol Rod Adapter
Each .17, .22, .270/280, .30, .38, 40 and .45 Cal Bronze Brushes
Each 12, 20, and .410 Ga. Bronze Brushes
Each .22 and .38 Cal. Cotton Mops
2 Plastic Slotted Tips
50 Cotton Cleaning Patches


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