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Get better performance out of your gun using this Bipod

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Without question accuracy is one of the key components to any successful hunt or day at the range; and whether you’re punching holes in paper or stocking an animal in the field, having a steady hand and accurate bullet placement is absolutely essential.

Unfortunately it’s not always that easy. Shooting offhand with a heavy rifle can get quite tedious and still never get you the result you’re looking for. It’s this exact reason that since their invention, bipods have played an integral role in the gun industry.

Having a bipod will allow you to produce a steadier shot under just about all conditions and protects your valuable rifle from contact with the elements.

A bipod gives you enough room for even longest distance shots, and yet is lightweight and durable enough to keep you from having to worry about carrying too much weight or having to handle your gun to delicately.

One thing is for sure: when you have a shot that counts, a bipod can be the deciding factor as to whether you’re successful in your shot.


There are so many Benefits to shooting with a Bipod:

  1.    Holds your gun much steadier that you can on your own which Improves Accuracy
  2.    The gun will be as close to its Potential as possible
  3.    Don’t need to put your gun down on a dirty surface
  4.    No more aching arms and shoulders from holding your gun up for a long time
  5.    A lot more convenient and easier to carry than a full shooting bench or sandbags

When our personnel are in the field, they need a dependable, easy to carry shooting rest.

The Sierra 7TM is the most up-to-date, fully featured, and reliable small arms bipod on the market.

Designed in conjunction with top-level competitive shooters and active-duty personnel, the Sierra 7TM has revolutionary, patent-pending features not found on any competing bipod.

It gives the shooter the control and stability needed to make the perfect shot, even under the most difficult circumstances.

Specifications for 7-9” Raptor Feet Bipod
Product: The Sierra 7TM Bipod
•Bipod Height: 7.00 in
•Bipod Height w/legs fully deployed: 9.00 in
•Bipod Weight: 3.00 lbs
•Bipod Strength: 1470 pounds of force (lbf) before critical failure
•Bipod Strength w/legs fully deployed: 1010 lbf before critical failure

Gives Operational Advantage to the Warfighter
The Sierra 7 is designed to add precision and give critical stability to precision shoulder-fired weapons systems.

Easy to install and use, the Sierra 7 quickly installs on any standard mil-spec “Picatinny” rail.

Expertly designed and manufactured, it is the only bipod that offers perfectly smooth tracking and canting features, allowing the shooter to engage moving targets and transition from target to target without any vibration or variation in

The Sierra 7 has a clear advantage in long-range precision shooting, when used by an individual marksman or as part of a sniper team.



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Remember We Offer Combined Postage Of Only $15 For Up To 10 Items From Our Store!

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