Prairie Chuck Silhouette .22 Rimfire Spinner Target

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Prairie Chuck Silhouette Rabbit
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Imagine having hours of fun with family and friends using this super fun Silhouette Spinner


Treat yourself to this must have accessory


Watch your confidence grow when you have the right equipment


This is the ultimate in .22 rimfire targets. This silhouette spinner will provide hours of fun for all the family.
Your kids will love these reactive targets because they can see and hear a hit making it easier to teach young shooters firearm safety and accurate shooting.

There are some great advantages to taking up Target Shooting as a hobby!

No matter what your age or gender, anyone can take up Target Shooting and potentially compete at even an Olympic level. Unlike other professional sports it’s never too late to take up Target Shooting.


The advantages are wide spread:

It’s great for stress management

Improve your ability to concentrate

Increase your self-esteem by having a social hobby

Develop self-discipline including time management and goal-setting skills

Show off your achievements by competing locally then building up to larger competitions

This is a great sport for the whole family to get involved and bond over.
Practice makes perfect (a methodology rather than a simple tagline). Knowing how to hit an animal at distance is made easier when your practice sessions involve a similarly sized animal silhouette target.

An animal silhouette target will give you a realistic target to aim at, and despite being seemingly a novelty, you’d be surprised how much such a target can improve your aim and shot placement on the animal when it comes to the actual hunt.

You’ll want to find substantial targets with some weight, so they don’t have to be constantly reset, and won’t easily get knocked over or destroyed.

The strategy of using animal silhouette targets should include acute shot placement in order to get the best use out of the practice.

Using a life-sized target and placing only well prepared shots in vital areas of the animal (target) will give you a good practice for the shots you will take in the field, which, often times will not be on a stationary target, and which will often be on a smaller animal.

Knowing how well you will group and being able to ensure an excellent first shot will improve your results on the hunt.


Product Features:

This Target is 39cm tall and 13cm wide

Innovative twist design has no welds to break

Durable, solid steel construction

Pushes into the ground easily with build-in foot rest

Shooting action you can see and hear


This is a very low price! So don’t miss out.



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