4B2 Cleaning Cloth Roll

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It’s likely that we don’t need to extol the virtues of a clean gun while on the hunt, or in between sessions of target practice.

It’s probably also true that all of us had at one time or another forgotten to adequately clean and maintain our firearms.

Perhaps the most important part of the cleaning process for rifles and shotguns, as well as target pistols is having a clean chamber and bore.

Sure you could cut up those old bed sheets, or a used T-shirt, but the time spent trying to get the perfect size patch made from material particularly well suited to holding and using solvents and oils is probably significant.

That’s where cleaning patches come in: a bulk package of 1000 or so cleaning patches in a die cut perfectly sized square design is just what you need to ensure your legendary field rifle or other firearms are well cared for.

You’ll be set for quite some time if you buy in bulk with your cleaning supplies so you don’t risk the chance of coming up short right when you need to clean your guns.

Here are some of the Benefits of these Cleaning Patches:

1.   They are high quality cotton and are resistant to fraying

2.   The Roll is approximately 9 meters in length so it is sure to last many cleans

3.   It is 10cm wide and features lines every 5cm to help you cut the cloth into the desired length prices.

How to use these Cleaning Patches:

1.   Take a cleaning patch and dip it in cleaning solvent

2.   Feed it all the way through the barrel of the gun until it emerges clean.

3.   Run a dry patch down the barrel to remove any remaining residue.

4.   Work from the rear and go in one direction only.

5.   If your barrel is especially dirty you may need to do this a few more times.

6.   Use the same method to also clean the cylinders.


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